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National Day of the Cowboy Keeper Award

Brent Slutsky, National Spokesperson for the National Day of the Cowboy organization, present Steve and Marcie Shaw with the 2019 “Cowboy Keeper Award.”

October 13, 2019: Each year since 2006, the National Day of the Cowboy has selected individuals and organizations that have contributed significantly to the preservation of pioneer heritage and cowboy culture. The preservation of a heritage depends on those with a willingness to share its history and its culture. In this way, these esteemed recipients have demonstrated a commitment to the protection of this precious heritage. The National Day of the Cowboy is grateful for the privilege of recognizing Steve and Marcie Shaw and Great American Adventures with the 2019 “Cowboy Keeper Award”.

A few “attaboys/girls”: 

“As one who has been on their Vendetta Ride twice, I can assure you, Steve and Marcie Shaw go to great lengths to provide as authentic an old west experience as possible. Through their rides, they share their passion for western history and cowboy culture in a way that also works to preserve this heritage.”
Brent Slutsky (Hondo), National Spokesperson National Day of the Cowboy

CONGRATULATIONS and well deserved!!!! I believe you have taken the intent of the “National Day of the Cowboy” to its highest level. Not only do your “Adventures” memorialize the “The Life and Times of the Cowboy,” you provide the opportunity for your riders to relive those times in the actual locations with historical accuracy! Bravo to you both!!!
Ron Lillard

This is fantastic and well deserved. You and Marcie have developed a portal into the past that no one else could have done or even recreate. Others can offer rides, but you and Marcie have birthed (for lack of a better word) a family who has grown to love and respect one another off the trail. In our GAA family, we visit, email, talk on the phone, send Christmas cards and such with the love of any family member. Think about it, you gathered a group of people who saddled up and bonded for life, we ride for the brand. How cool is that!!  Congratulation, my friend!!
Kevin Hogge

Congratulations! What a wonderful and thoroughly deserving recognition of GAA and you personally. A terrific tribute to your hard work, attention to detail, organizational skills, customer focus, relationship building, and infectious sense of fun. All the best and continued success! Cheers!
Art & Marylee Ferranti

Proclamation Great American Adventures

Proclamation Great American Adventures

City of Tombstone Proclamation

October 15, 2018: Don Taylor, Tombstone’s Official Historian for the last 10 years, presents to Steve & Marcie Shaw, Owners of Great American Adventures, LLC, a Proclamation and Key to the City from the city and mayor of Tombstone in recognition of their 10th Anniversary of “Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride.”

Awards Great American Adventures

Film Awards

October 21, 2018: The Wild Bunch Film Festival, Willcox, AZ awards Great American Adventures’ “The Peace Makers: The Night of the Ripper” with four additional awards to complement 2017’s Best Screenplay Award.  These awards were for: Best Comedy Western – Festival Directors Choice; 2nd Place Best Movie Poster; and two awards for Best Child Actor – Matt and Parker May.  In total, our little film garnered 5 awards!!

Great American Adventures

Screenwriter Award

October 21, 2017: The Wild Bunch Film Festival, Willcox, AZ awards Steve Shaw the Screenwriter award for his script for his movie, “The Peace Makers: The Night of the Ripper.”  Presenting the Award is Charlie LeSueur, Western Film Historian and author.

Great American Adventures

Pictured: Rodeo Rankin, Faith Rankin, Steve & Marcie Shaw

GAA Presents Great American Adventures Cowboy Adventurer Award

September 27, 2017: Steve & Marcie Shaw, owners of Great American Adventures, LLC recognizes John Rankin, aka “Rodeo Rankin“, for his consistent, unwavering loyalty to GAA’s Historic Old West Horseback Rides.  Rodeo Rankin joined our rides back in 2005 with our “Custer’s Ride to Glory” at the Little Bighorn, MT.  Since then, Rodeo has been on 15 rides over the 14 years we have been offering them.  With GAA, Rodeo has followed in the hoofprints of General George A. Custer, Quanah Parker, Butch Cassidy & The Sundance Kid, Jeremiah Johnson, Billy the Kid, Wyatt Earp, John Wayne, Jesse James, Kit Carson, and was featured in our “Ride the REEL West” movie.  On Wednesday evening, during our week long adventure “Jesse James’ Great Train Robbery” in Silverton, CO, Rodeo Rankin was presented with a matted & framed “Proclamation” attesting to his 15 rides and accomplishments plus a metal sculpture of the Great American Adventures logo… the Gunfighter and rearing horse. 

Rodeo… Marcie and I thank you and your wife, Faith, for your friendship and loyalty over these many years.

Horseback riding in Tombstone, AZ - Wyatt Earp's Vendetta RideWyatt Earp's Vendetta Ride 2010 - 005Arizona Centennial Conference

Photo Contest 2012


Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride

Photo by Marcie Shaw

Wyatt Earp's Vendetta Ride 2010 - 005Horseback riding in Tombstone, AZ - Wyatt Earp's Vendetta Ride 2010 - 030

The State of Arizona sanctions

Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride


Official Centennial Event

2011 / 2012

Horseback Riding in Tombstone, AZ - True West - Readers Choice Award - 2011 (2)Horseback Riding in Tombstone, AZ - Wyatt Earp's Vendetta RideTrue West magazine

“Reader’s Choice Award”

Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride


Best Horse Trail Ride Out West

Horseback riding in Tombstone, ArizonaHistoric Old West Horseback Rides - 2010 True West Best of the West AwardTrue West magazine

Great American Adventures


Best of the West Tour Company

Historic Old West Horseback Rides - Custer's Command 001

Historic Old West Horseback Rides - True West magazine AwardTrue West magazine

Custer’s Ride to Glory


Best of the West Tour Company


Steve Shaw-2013-Grand-Prize-Winner-Book-Awards

Steve Shaw-2011-Second-Place-Winner-Book-Awards

Steve Shaw-2010-Grand-Prize-Winner-Book-Awards

Steve-Shaw-Beyond the Rio Grande Finalist---Novel-Adventure-or-Drama-Book-Award


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