Horseback Riding Vacations

 Horseback Riding Dress Code

Not mandatory – highly recommended… it’s just more fun!!


Historic Old West Horseback Rides - Great American Adventures Dress CodeHistoric Old West Horseback Rides - Great American Adventures Dress CodeA photo, they say, is worth a thousand words!

Dressing for Jesse James’ Great Train Robbery, Billy the Kid’s Regulator Ride, Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride, John Wayne’s Monument Valley Ride, Wild Bill Hickok’s Last Ride or Quanah Parker’s Comanche Moon Ride just makes the event much more fun!

There are plenty of vendors for clothing, hats and leather goods:

Blanches Place


Bronco Trading Company

800-537-5040 / 520-457-9220

Carrico Leather


(especially for chaps, holsters, saddles)

Crazy Horse West


River Junction Trading Company


Texas Jacks Wild West Outfitters


Western Emporium


Wild West Mercantile

800-596-0444 / 480-218-1181

~ or find an outfitter on the Links page ~

Of course, you don’t have to buy period clothing to have a good time.  

Don’t let the “Dress Code” dissuade you from any of these exciting rides!