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Ride With No Name – Sicily | 2013 Photos

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Our planned seven-day horseback ride turned into a 19-day adventure once we added a pre-trip to Rome, Italy and a pre-trip to Palermo, Sicily.

“Great American Adventures’ The Ride with No Name was truly a ride of a lifetime.  We’ve been touring with Great American Adventures for years.  Our 1st outing was in 2000 on their Civil War-themed Delta Queen Steamboat cruise down the Mississippi River.  Since then, we’ve joined them on several cruises and tours, including riverboating in Europe and our first horseback ride in 2012 on their Butch Cassidy’s Rustler’s Rendezvous at Hole-in-the-Wall in Wyoming.  Pre-tripping Italy and then the ride left us speechless.  There was magnificent scenery interlaced with vineyards and olive trees.  We enjoyed awesome cuisine and cultural experiences with wine and freshly made cheese from the shepherd’s pot.  The horses were well adapted to the challenging mountain terrain and village cobblestone streets.  The wranglers and guides were excellent, coupled with fantastic hospitality from our host and staff.  We rode where the ancients travelled.  Truly unforgettable!”

Frank & Kathy Morello, Florida

“Billed as the trip of a lifetime, The Ride with No Name proved to be just that.  From touring the ancient castles and villages on horseback to meeting the “beautiful princess” and touring her private home, each day of this adventure held its own thrill.  Every day was a new experience – riding varying terrain and staying in exceptional accommodations with local folks.  And the cuisine – oo-la-la!!  Our oufitters and their crew provided such unique opportunities, from visiting high mountain shepherd huts, to lunch on the train (with wine), to a horseback ride into the Mediterranean Sea.  For us, the personalized horsemanship clinic and instruction from a world class horse trainer was priceless.  This was our second adventure with Great American Adventures.  Our 1st was 2012’s Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride.  That ride proved so fantastic, once we learned of the Ride with No Name, we signed up immediately.  We’ll be riding with Great American Adventures again in 2014 on John Wayne’s Monument Valley Ride.  Thanks again, Steve & Marcie.”

Larry & Candy McDermott, Nebraska