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Canyon De Chelly Horseback Ride | 2011 Photos

Canyon de Chelly horseback ride

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“Canyon de Chelly is so unique that it is a place you must see… specially on horseback.”

Richard Wismer, Upland, CA

“It’s difficult to put into words how much we enjoyed this trip into Canyon de Chelly.  After uploading pictures onto Facebook, a friend of mine said it best, “I really am living the dream!”  I agree.”

Chris Moog, La Habra, CA

“FANTABULOUS!!!  Since this was a 1st time trip, using some first time resources, there were a couple of initial hiccups the first day.  Steve & Marcie stepped right up and made sure things were corrected right away.  To put it simply: we laughed, we ate well, we rode our horses to our varying abilities, we had FUN!!  We look forward to our next adventure with Steve & Marcie.”

Michelle Mott, West Covina, CA

“Thank you so much for coordinating your first ever Canyon de Chelly trip!  Imagine traveling through the historic Navajo Nation’s canyon dressed in period garb on horseback!  You combined three elements into one memorable vacation!  My favorite part of the ride was loping down the canyons, past historic Anasazi sites along with other riders dressed in their western finest.  We enjoyed ourselves immensely and certainly look forward to future adventures with you all!”

Christene Mario, West Covina, CA