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Goin Home | Ride the Reel West | Movie Ride II

$ 250.00$ 2,595.00

Principal Filming Locations: Phoenix and Tombstone areas, Arizona

~ March 8 – 12, 2021 ~ Optional Filming Dates for B Troop

~ March 13 – 18, 2021 ~ Critical Filming Dates for B Troop

Pricing Per Participant:

  • B Command: all Officers, Scouts, Packers and B Troop: $2,595.00
    • Everyone is part of B Command unless otherwise informed.
  • All Cowboys: $2,195.00 … filming dates and locations TBD
  • Settlers: $1,500.00 … filming dates and locations TBD
  • All Support Staff & Female Roles: $1,500.00
  1. $250.00 Non-Refundable Deposit for all above categories Due Now.
    1. This deposit signals the screenwriter to add your character and may contact you for information to make your role “you.”
  2. $750 Non-Refundable Deposit Due September 30, 2020.
  3. Balance Due January 8, 2021.
  • Select the Deposit Option to Reserve your Saddle or Pay in Full to Secure your Ride.
  • Select the Installment Payment Option to make a payment on your reserved ride.

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Goin’ Home … Ride the REEL West Movie Project

Principal Filming Locations: Phoenix and Tombstone areas, Arizona

Goin-Home-Movie-PosterGoin’ Home is the 2nd film production under the Great American Adventures’ banner; the first being 2016’s “The Peace Makers: The Night of the Ripper”, a film receiving multiple awards from the annual Wild Bunch Film Festival in Willcox, AZ.

The concept:  Not everyone gets an opportunity to star – or even be featured – in a film, especially a Western movie – which is what we all love — or you probably wouldn’t be attracted to this site. 

GAA has taken their concept of “historic old west horseback rides” to a very special level for past clients, friends and those desirous of such an opportunity.  It’s no surprise that many of those starring in our 2016 production are back for more.

Being a “background actor” or “fuzzy-thing in the background” is an experience the owners of GAA had for years.  It was rewarding and fun.  The proverbial “light bulb” went off one day while taking clients riding through Mescal Studios (where Tombstone, The Quick and the Dead and so many other films have been made); Why not offer our clients the same opportunity?  But with a twist… namely, the script will have roles/characters written expressly for every actor/client; each individual will have lines to learn, have their magical “close-up” and learn some of the lingo of film making (“quiet on the set,” “back to one,” and of course… “and ACTION!”). 

This is a daunting endeavor.  Script writing, pre-production, filming and directing everyone, post-production and editing can be overwhelming.  Yet, the gratification of hearing “That’s a Wrap!” the last day of filming for everyone is indescribable.  And worth all the tireless effort everyone – including you – puts into the production.

Goin’ Home … the movie: this very ambitious storyline centers on B Troop, stationed in the southwestern desert of Arizona (think Fort Bowie).  They are old, obnoxious, ill-equipped – and ill-tempered – and poorly trained men that the fort commander wants out from under his command.  With one last patrol, the commander has the authority to muster them out or reassign them. When a small group of Apaches seek revenge for the unnecessary killing of one of their own, B Troop is sent out to investigate.  This is a story of honor and respect – for B Troop while facing overwhelming odds; for the very Apaches they encounter; for the young and the disrespected lieutenant that leads B Troop to their destiny; and for the only Black trooper assigned to B Troop while awaiting his permanent assignment to the 10th Cavalry, known as “Buffalo Soldiers.”

Camera’s are up… sound is up…. the director is impatient….  are you ready for your close-up?  Better know your lines… “AND ACTION!”


  • Camera crew / all production 
  • Entry to any and all movie locations
  • Horses (matched to your abilities)
  • tack (use of personal saddles okay)
  • food (three squares a day)
  • wranglers (they do all the work)
  • stuntmen, extras as required


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