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John Wayne’s Monument Valley Ride | Monument Valley, AZ

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John Wayne’s Monument Valley Ride and Tour, Monument Valley, AZ

~ 2022 Dates to be Announced Soon ~

Price Per Rider: $2,395.00

  1. $750 Non-Refundable Deposit Required Per Rider to Hold Your Saddle
    1. Final Payment Due 90 Days Prior to Event
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Price Per Non-Riding Spouse: $600.00

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John Wayne’s Monument Valley Horseback Ride, Monument Valley, AZ

~ 2022 Dates to be Announced Soon ~

Price Per Rider: $2,395.00

  1. $750 Non-Refundable Deposit Required Per Rider to Hold Your Saddle
    1. Final Payment Due 90 Days Prior to Event
  2. Or: Pay $2,395 now

Price Per Non-Riding Spouse: $600.00

  1. Non-Riding Spouse Payment: $600 Due 90 Days Prior to the Event

John Wayne's Monument Valley Ride and Tour, Arizona

John Wayne’s Monument Valley Horseback Ride and Tour, Arizona

John Wayne’s Monument Valley Horseback Ride and tour is a four-day ride into film history and Native American culture.  This is the West… the Real West… the Reel West… the holy grail of Western settings.  More Western movies have been featured here than any other site in the United States.  It doesn’t get much prettier, grittier, or awesome than this American West icon.  We’ll focus on the scenic and stark beauty of this desolate land, her Native American cultural history and the location sites of the many John Ford / John Wayne movies filmed in the area.








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21 reviews for John Wayne’s Monument Valley Ride | Monument Valley, AZ

  1. Bayou Belle

    Every day of this ride provided us with experience and sights more breathtaking than the previous one! Our Navajo guide was extremely knowledgeable, and provided us with a very personal perspective during her presentations about the history of this vast place. The horses, as always, were extremely well-trained and predictable, and the wranglers were attentive and professional. The large group – forty riders – was congenial and friendly. It was a great party! Our accommodations were good, and the meals were ample and very satisfying. I would highly recommend this ride for anyone wanting to explore John Wayne’s Monument Valley!

  2. Cherokee Nathan

    Superb! If you don’t like John Wayne, horses, or truly magnificent works of Mother Nature, then don’t go on this ride. If you do go, you will be overwhelmed by the absolute magnificence of the place. Our Navajo guide was extremely knowledgeable, friendly and full of humor. A once in a lifetime experience. Thanks Steve and Marcie.

  3. Ben Craig

    Monument Valley is one of the most breath-taking places on earth, and the best way to see it is on horseback with a knowledgeable Navajo guide. Great American Adventures puts you “up close and personal” to this beautiful land, and you will see things you cannot see from a motor vehicle. The entire package of good horses matched to your skill, the scenery, the wonderful food, comfortable accomodations, the friendships you will make and the fun you will have cannot be found anywhere else, at any price. Steve Shaw and his beautiful wife Marcie have really put together a unique experience that cannot be duplicated, but one you can enjoy again and again with photos and friends alike. If you enjoy riding, enjoy beautiful scenery, good food and great friends (old and new) you cannot do better than to experience Monument Valley with Great American Adventures.

  4. Bob “Doc” Crabb

    I first saw Monument Valley in 1983. I had just moved to Durango, Colorado and I hadn’t been there but just several days when I realized I was only about an hour and a half from the Valley. Being a western movie fan and espcially a John Wayne fan, I wasted no time getting there. I still remember that day as I drove up and parked, got out of the truck and looked out over the valley for the first time and there before me were the mittens, and I stood in awe for what seemed like forever, but I know it was only 3 or 4 minutes. I had visited the museum before driving across the road to the valley, so I had read the stories and the history of how John Ford came to the valley back in the 30’s and how mystified he was with it. And as I stood there gazing at its beauty, I sincerely knew how John Ford must have felt as he probably stood about where I was and saw it for the first time as well. It is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth and like the Grand Canyon, Niagara Falls or Pike’s Peak, pictures can’t give it proper justice; you have to be there. Well, I drove all thru the valley that first day and as I left, I stopped again at the entry at the visitor’s center and gazed back in amazement and declared that one day, somehow, I was going to see this place the proper way; on horse back. Then 31 years later, it happened. Steve & Marcie Shaw, thru their efforts of Great American Adventures, provided the perfect venue by creating the “John Wayne Monument Valley Ride”. A week on horseback riding thru the most breathtaking scenery on God’s earth. A place so beautiful that it is impossible to take a bad picture. A place where you can go back in time and feel like you are riding right along with the Duke or Harry Carey Jr, Ben Johnson, Ward Bond or Richard Whidmark and I could go on and on. Add to that, the great hospitality at Gouldings Lodge and the excellent string of horses provided by our excellent wranglers and well… I’m here to tell ya… “it just don’t get any better”. My hat’s off to Steve and Marcie for making MY dream come true and I can assure anyone reading this that they can do the same for you and it will be an adventure that you will cherish and never forget. Bob “Doc” Crabb

  5. Tim Anderson aka Rowdy

    I just completed John Wayne’s Monument Valley Ride. As a member of “The Searchers”, I had a better time than even I could have imagined before the trip. You see…these rides are about living out all of those childhood wants of playing cowboy in the Old West. As a person gets older, all of the cowboy shows we all grew up with are now a distant memory of a simpler, more romanticized time. Great American Adventures, conceived by our hosts Steve and Marcie Shaw aka Ellsworth and Stetson, allow a person to live out all of those childhood fantasies complete with dressing the part and riding trails to parts of Monument Valley unseen by the normal tour bus trips.

    Monument Valley is itself a wondrous place. Much of the scenery and rock formations may look familiar perhaps because Monument Valley provided the backdrop for the filming of five John Wayne movies as well as countless other well known westerns. The ability to travel through the valley guided by Effie, our Navajo guide, complete with Effie’s stories (and her charming giggling) of growing up in Monument Valley is priceless.

    I have to give a shout out to Troy, our head wrangler, and his crew for matching us with horses that equaled our individual riding abilities, and for keeping our journey over some reasonably severe landscapes and during some pretty inclement weather conditions safe. Although as graduates of this adventure, we cannot claim to be “true cowboys”, we can say we endured some of the conditions cowboys had to endure when out riding the range. That in itself may be a badge of courage!

    As much fun as anything, was meeting the other people, both men and women, who also were on this adventure. I was on the trip with my long-standing friend of almost 40 years, who introduced me to Great American Adventures and the fact this opportunity existed. I’m glad he did. Folks dressed the part, either cowboy or specific John Wayne characters or other childhood cowboy heroes such as Hopalong Cassidy. Cavalry Day was a treat in that we had several Civil War reenactors who looked authentic and played their parts well. All of the folks there were into the experience, and in just a few short days, I made several new friends.

    Ellswoth and Stetson were the perfect hosts with no detail of the adventure left unnoticed or unplanned. In short, based on my experience with John Wayne’s Monument Valley Ride, I would highly recommend any of the various theme rides Great American Adventures has to offer.

    Happy Trails to all of my fellow Searchers,


  6. John & Margo (aka Yancy & Josie (verified owner)

    We just finished our John Wayne Monument Valley Ride. The word that immediately comes to mind describing this adventure is “FANTASTIC.” Steve and Marcie Shaw have obviously put in great effort to ensure participants have a rare opportunity to witness one of the most beautiful places in the American West—Monument Valley. Every aspect of this adventure is first rate—beginning with the historic Goulding Lodge; to the experience of the wranglers who helped ensure horses and riders were prepared for the daily journeys; to our wonderful Navaho guide, Effie, who shared family memories and directed us to rare Anasazi drawings. We viewed many of the movie locations from John Ford’s and John Wayne’s famous westerns. This is no casual “around the neighborhood” ride. We went where vehicles can’t go and we’re not tripping over weekend tourists. The weather provided interesting challenges—everything from warm, sunny skies to windstorms, rain, hail and snow. But Steve and Marcie had told us well beforehand to be prepared—that’s Monument Valley in November! My wife and I decided to take the optional additional day ride, and it was well worth it. We rode to areas that require special permissions, and our guide, Effie, made this possible. We were so impressed with this ride that we’re going on next year’s Tombstone “Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride” adventure with Steve and Marcie.

  7. Hill Clark aka Trail Boss

    Steve and Marcie, a gigantic thanks and tip of the cowboy hat to you. Your John Wayne’s Monument Valley Great American Adventure was truly GREATER than GREAT! It was a travel back in time to “Those Thrilling Days of Yesteryear!” My childhood dream of experiencing the Old West came true as we were transported to the late 19th Century on the Adventure. Wind, Blowing Red Sand, Tumbleweeds, Rain, Sleet, Snow and Bright Sunshine all added to the reality of the experience!

    You are the BEST! Keep up the great work of creating historical remembrances!

    Trail Boss, Bay Village, OH

  8. Jeanne Vrobel aka “Victoria”

    I have had Monument Valley on my “bucket list” and I am so glad to have experienced it with Great American Adventures. There is truly no better way to take in the Anasazi and Navajo Culture and the history of movie making in the valley. The real highlight was to experience the unbelievable beauty of the Monument Valley in places you can not get to in a vehicle. The horses were very willing and made the experience very unique. The experience that I had not anticipated was riding and visiting with a truly wonderful group of other “Searchers” of which I am sure I will see some of these folks on other “adventures” in the future. The different places we rode to, the meals, “Effie and Lauren” our guides, as well as our hosts were so good that I would consider doing this ride again! It was truly that awe inspiring! The special touches and unexpected little extras were truly appreciated. There is no better way to experience Monument Valley. It is such a gift to have this experience. No one else can duplicate or even comes close to doing what Steve and Marcie offer on their “Great American Adventures.”

  9. Steve and Lisa Sette (verified owner)

    Steve and Lisa Sette aka Lt. Cohill and Oliva Dandridge – November 2016

    The adventure and ride of a lifetime! We have always been John Wayne/John Ford western fans and this trip made us feel like we were in the movies! You felt that the “Duke” or some film character was around the next bend. The scenery is spectacular and your hosts (Steve and Marcie) go way beyond making sure you are having a good time. Their attention to detail is second to none! We were also impressed by the superior quality of the wranglers used as each rider was matched to a great mount for their ability. The scenery speaks for its itself, SPECTACULAR!

    If you love the “Old West” and ever dreamed of being in character in that time frame then this is your chance! I always wondered what it would be like to dress as a cavalry officer and ride through Monument Valley. Boyhood dream fulfilled! The only thing missing was John Ford yelling, “CUT”! He would never have had to say “ACTION”, we had plenty!!!

    We would give this adventure more stars but five is the max. So lets say 5+++++!

    Thank you Steve and Marcie! We can’t wait to saddle up again!!

  10. Andrew C. Revering-The Duke

    When I saw the add for the John Wayne Monument Valley Ride in Cowboys & Indians Magazine I called Steve immediately and signed up. I’ve been a huge John Wayne fan all my life, and been on a lot of horseback trips, but none of them compared to the Majestic Beauty of this great ride. Steve and Marcie do a first rate job at hosting a once in a life time most memorable event. I would heartily recommend this ride to anyone looking for a Great American Western Adventure that is second to none.

  11. Harlan Hanneman

    A chance to ride horseback in a beautiful and exciting place. The accommodations and meals were splendid. Great American Adventures is a class operation through and through. They even arranged beautiful weather for the ride! I look forward to riding with them again. Thank you Steve and Marcie.

  12. Al Hade

    Another Great American Adventure Ride and the word GREAT describes this years Monument Valley Ride. I was on the first Monument Valley Ride in 2012 and Marcie and Steve made this one even better. The Vistas are so fantastic that you enjoy each time more and more. The camaraderie on this ride was wonderful, lots of new friends.
    Each and every meal was a treat. The weather was perfect for riding and Troy’s horses did an excellent job and so did all the wranglers, a wonderful group of cowboys. The Goulding’s Hotel staff was above and beyond on service and food. Effi Yazzi was our guide and historian and makes the ride so enjoyable with her amazing history and knowledge.
    I highly recommend this ride, you will embrace the experience forever.
    Al Hade aka Desert Gator

  13. Deborah Stevens (verified owner)

    The Monument Valley Ride is a life changing experience. The beauty and tranquility of the valley made me not want to go back to the chaos and craziness of California. The changing colors of the buttes and sky are amazing and have to be experienced. The camaraderie of the entire group was real and infectious. Effie, Troy, and the wranglers put on the best possible experience for us. Steve and Marcie obviously put a lot of thought, effort, and heart into this ride and it shows. Also, the period dress of some riders is not to be missed. Judging by the Monument Valley ride, any trip Steve and Marcie put on is most definitely a trip of a lifetime. THANK YOU so much!

  14. Patrick Gallagher (a.k.a. Buckeye Slim) (verified owner)

    My Dream Ride come true to ride Monument Valley where John Wayne did his movies at the Buttes, Three Sisters, Totem Pole. etc., and just magnificent scenery each day. Great American Adventures is the best on delivering everything as advertised. Troy the Riding Boss, his wranglers, and his horses are the best. He paired me up perfectly with my horse for the rides. Effie the Navajo guide is very good and entertaining. My wife as a non-rider these days was very satisfied with her Goulding’s Lodge (where our rooms, food, were excellent) Tour Bus ride and being able to walk around the immediate area of the Lodge. She also was very pleased to visit Effie’s place. You have to go and celebrate John Wayne to really appreciate all of the ride.

  15. Winchester Annie (verified owner)

    This was my 8th ride with GAA and I have always wanted to see Monument Valley. Watching the old John Wayne movies, always dreamed of going there to see it by vehicle. What more fun and adventurous then to see it on horseback. Again Steve and Marcie accomplish what others can’t or seem to do. While on horseback we are guided by the Navajo people to parts of the Valley that no ones sees. The history of the Navajo Nation is alive and they welcome you to learn about their beliefs and ancestors. The beauty of the area is only touched by nature. Wild horses grazing on the land not disturbed by man. Ruins from long ago still stand to tell a story. Steve and Marcie make sure that each adventure is historical to the area even with the food and accommodations. The Old West remains alive. Come see for yourself, live your dreams.

  16. Bruce Archuleta (verified owner)

    The ride in Monument Valley was such a great experience, the scenery was awe inspiring, especially knowing that there are not that many people that will ever be as fortunate as us to see and experience the beauty and the grandeur of the areas we rode. Troy and all the wranglers were great; it was a fantastic group; Effie our Navajo guide with her stories was great; the history of the area and their families. The ride changed my outlook on life. Everything was fantastic! Words cannot express the experience I had. I am so thankful I was able to go on this adventure.
    Thank you Steve and Marcie, for your efforts in making for such a great ride.

  17. Don Fordyce

    The Monument Valley ride is a “Western” dream. We rode through so many wonderful places that we’ve all seen many times. Steve, you and Marcie make all the riders feel special. This year, 2018, was my second Monument Valley ride I can’t decide which one was best. Thank you for a wonderful experience. Don Fordyce- aka Klickitat Bob

  18. Joanie Kingsley (verified owner)

    An adventure of a lifetime!! Steve and Marcie are terrific hosts, lots of fun, lots of laughs and planned lots of beautiful, exciting and breath-taking rides through Monument Valley. The wranglers are top notch and their horse choices for each rider were spot on. Many thanks to Steve, Marcie and “Wrangler Crew” for making the time spent on the John Wayne GAA such a wonderful experience!

  19. Larry Eddy (aka Blueridge) (verified owner)

    I don’t know what more can be said about this ride that the previous comments haven’t already covered. This was my 4th ride with GAA, during and after each ride I think to myself can this get any better. But, it always gets better. It’s difficult to say I have a favorite ride, because each one has it’s highlights. However, this location is like no other, an experience of a lifetime. Thousands of people visit Monument Valley, but very few get to go to some of the places we rode. We rode deep into the valley where vehicle aren’t allowed and can only be reached by horseback. The pictures just can’t convey what the eyes see. It is an awe inspiring place and the vastness at times can be overwhelming. Steve and Marcie are the best hosts and they make sure everyone has a great adventure. Become part of the GAA family, you won’t regret it.

  20. Kevin Krzyzanowski (verified owner)

    It was a dream come true. Every John Wayne fan should take this adventure. From wonderful hosts -Steve and Marcie, to skilled wranglers -always willing to tell a tale, to a great hotel – John Wayne movies playing each night not to mention the museum on-site and the star of the trip Monument Valley itself. It truly has to be seen to be believed – forget the picture books. You get to go off the beaten track and experience the vastness and true greatness the valley truly is. You don’t have to worry about your skill level as a rider either. Book now you won’t be disappointed.

  21. keith mcnease (verified owner)

    This was our first ride with GAA. A couple of our friends have been on several rides with GAA and have been encouraging us to sign up for years. Well, we finally reached that point in life where we have time to pursue these type of life changing adventures. My wife and I are both highly experienced riders, but have never been on a ride without our own mounts. We were not quite sure what to expect, but even if we had a clue what to expect, I think our expectations would have still been exceeded. Steve and Marcie are great folks. Troy, the wrangler and his family did a great job with providing mounts for a wide range of riders. The scenery was spectacular. The weather was absolutely perfect. As other reviewers have stated, you just have to experience this ride for yourself to really appreciate Monument Valley. The only piece of advice I would like to offer is that if you decide to sign up for one of the GAA rides, you might consider some level of costuming. It adds to the experience for everyone. We are now looking forward to our next ride with GAA in Cody, Wyoming in 2020. Keith and Karen McNease aka Wild Bill McMasters and Texas Pearl

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