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Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride | Tombstone, Arizona

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$ 30.00$ 2,395.00

Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride

Tombstone, Arizona

~ October 10 – 15, 2021 ~

Price Per Rider: $2,395.00

  1. Initial Deposit: $750 Non-Refundable Deposit Required Per Rider to Hold Your Saddle
    • $1,645 Final Payment Due 90 Days Prior to Event
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Non-Riding Spouse: $1,000.00

  1. $300 Non-Refundable Deposit Required at Initial Booking
    • $700 Final Payment Due 90 Days Prior to the Event
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Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride, Tombstone, Arizona

~ October 10 – 15, 2021 ~

Price Per Rider: $2,395.00

  1. Initial Deposit: $750 Non-Refundable Deposit Required Per Rider to Hold Your Saddle 
    • $1,645 Final Payment Due 90 Days Prior to Event
  2. or: Pay $2,395 now

Non-Riding Spouse: $1,000.00

  1. $300 Non-Refundable Deposit Required at Initial Booking
    • $700 Final Payment Due 90 Days Prior to the Event

Wyatt Earp's Vendetta Ride

Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride in Tombstone, Arizona, is a five-day historic and scenic horseback ride and tour.  We’ll visit the high country surrounding the Tombstone, Arizona area. Our horseback ride, including private tours, will focus on Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride of March/April 1882.  We’ll follow Wyatt and his posse’s bloody trail of retribution against the Cow-boy faction after they murdered Wyatt’s younger brother Morgan.  Join us as we travel to the Chiricahua, Dragoon and Whetstone Mountains. We’ll ride to the controversial – and virtually unknown – location called Cottonwood Springs, where Wyatt accidentally encountered and engaged the Cow-boys, killing Curly Bill and Johnny Barnes in a deadly, gun-blazing spew of lead (or did he? The controversy remains to this day). We’ll ride through the ghost town of Fairbank and perhaps Charleston, two towns where the Cow-boys once rein supreme. We’ll travel though the canyons that contain the hidden stronghold of Cochise.  Our Apache historian will regale us with stories about the Bascom Affair, which started the butchery of Cochise against the U.S. government and local settlers.  We’ll pay our respects at the haunted gravesite of Johnny Ringo – was it really suicide or did Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday return from Colorado for their final Vendetta coup-de-grace?  We’ll ride down Allen Street – one of the most deadliest streets in Old West history. And we’ll ride to Fort Bowie, a historic combat post of the southwest, and much more



  • Horses (matched to your abilities),
  • tack (use of personal saddles okay),
  • food (three squares a day),
  • wranglers (they do all the work),
  • historians, and private tours.

NOTE: Our adventure ends just as Tombstone’s largest annual event – Helldorado Days – begins. Plan to stay after the ride and enjoy Tombstone’s Wild West festivities.

Special Celebration

  • 2018 We celebrate our 10th year for our most popular ride…with celebrity guests, panel discussions, photo ops and more.






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22 reviews for Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride | Tombstone, Arizona

  1. Bayou Belle (verified owner)

    Steve, it’s your attention to detail that makes your adventures so memorable. The scheduling on the Vendetta ride was tight and engaging, the horses in good health and well trained, and the wranglers extremely competent and professional. It was the outstanding quality of this experience that motivated me to join your horseback ride in Sicily in 2013.

  2. Don Raymer, “Stuck N. Thepast,” Caneyville, KY

    “I started on this adventure green… will finish with GRIT”

  3. Winchester Annie (verified owner)

    I have always felt that I was born in the wrong era. After meeting Steve and Marcie and going on this historical ride I know now that I have fulfilled a dream of stepping back in time and riding the streets of Tombstone. Riding the streets that the Earps and Doc Holiday walked on was absolutely awesome. Anyone, no matter what their riding ability, is welcomed and there is a horse for any riding level. The wranglers are great and personable and ride along side you making sure everyone is having a great time. So if anyone ever wanted to be Wyatt or Doc for a week this is the place to be. I’ll be riding again on other adventures offered by Steve and Marcie. Believe me you can’t go wrong

  4. Marshal Todd

    One ponders what was going through Wyatt Earp’s mind during his quest to bring the cowboys to justice, western justice. Great American Adventures will not disappoint you. Riders and non-riders alike will find themselves immersed in history and experience the old west like you never have before. We have been blessed with knowledgeable historians, professional wranglers who see to our comfort and safety and you will not go hungry during your stay in Tombstone, AZ, “The town too tough to die.” I’ve been on two rides and plan to return in 2015. You cannot beat the new friends you will meet or a better venue to live out your cowboy dream.

  5. Mary Doria Russell

    The Earp Vendetta Ride by Great American Adventures was not just an amazing and memorable personal experience. It also brought to life the research I did for the novel EPITAPH (2015, HarperCollins/ECCO). I was 60 and not particularly athletic and a middling rider, but Steve and Marcie Shaw take that into consideration when they plan the ride. If you are tempted by this trip, DO IT. — Mary Doria Russell

  6. Jean Spires

    This trip is Awesome. The historical component made the daily rides so much more enjoyable than any other ride we have been on. Marcie and Steve really did take us back in time to another era. The excitement of actually being in the same place as Cochise and learning the history of this period from Charlie One Horse is an experience we won’t soon forget. The ride to Fort Bowie was outstanding. If you have ever wanted to go back in time then this is the trip for you . Great horses and wranglers for all levels of riders.

  7. jean spires

    Awesome . Marcie and Steve did it right. You can almost believe that you are back in the Old West. The historical component made this ride very special. To be able to ride up to the place where Cochise actually lived and to have Charlie One Horse, a Native American, give us the actual account of living back in the late 1800’s was outstanding. The ride to Fort Bowie was awe inspiring – to imagine what these earlier settlers actually faced as they headed west. The ride on horseback into Tombstone was unreal and a ride that will never be forgotten. We really felt like we were living in those times – cowboys and Wyatt Earp….


    This was my first Vendetta Ride with Great American Adventures. It was also my sisters first ride as we decided to do it together. The first thing that my sister and I were impressed with is that when we e-mailed Steve (Ellsworth) that he would immediately respond with our questions and concerns and made us feel like we were already close friends with him and his wife. He and his wife put on a professional adventure that I am so happy to be a part of. My sister told me that she had so much fun and wants to do it again. I totally agree. What a week! We had tours, rode to Cochises’s and Geronimo’s stronghold in the Dragoon Mountains, rode to where Wyatt Earp killed Curly Bill Brocious, went to Empire Ranch where Billy the Kid rustled cattle, rode to where the bloodiest battle in Arizona history took place, and finished it off with a ride to Fort Bowie – a momentous ride. One of the best moments was riding through Tombstone twice on horseback and having a beer with other riders at one of the saloons and people looking at us like we were the real thing! At my age this was an unbelievable bucket list! Then there were the people on the ride that you meet from all over the country. What a great bunch of people! This was such a great organized adventure that I cannot tell you how you can say no to this once you find out about it. I have a ranch and horses and have coached a team and shown at high levels of competition in my life but this is a highlight that I am proud to have been a part of. And I plan on continuing other rides with Great American Adventures. I have studied Tombstone intensely before the ride for many years and was extremely impressed with the information that was imparted upon us with Steve and his historians that he had at each day of our adventures. This was an epic adventure for me. My sister Columbia Kass felt the same way. We cannot express our sincere thanks to Steve and Marcie for an outstanding week and for Troy and his wranglers for their unbelievable hard work and hospitality toward all of us. I had a flat tire the last day of the adventure and expected to stay back from the ride and change it out with the spare and wait for everyone to come back. But no, people on the ride including the wranglers jumped in and and got my spare on before we went out on the ride and the wranglers had my horse saddled and all my gear on her so I could participate on this great ride at Fort Bowie. Troy the head wrangler said this is no big deal as it happens from time to time and they are here to help. I was impressed with the fact that everyone was willing to help and it made my last day an impressionable one. So if anyone out there is having trouble deciding whether this is for them or not I will tell you I have ridden horses all my life and I will be attending one of the rides every year and wished I had known about this sooner as I should have been born 140 years ago or so.

    Siskiyou Kid and his Sister Columbia Kass

  9. Desert Gator

    This is my 5th Vendetta Ride, and it gets better each time. Steve and Marcie out do themselves on each ride! Just when you think it can’t get better it does. Don Taylor, our historian, out did himself this time and made the ride back in time come so alive. The whole last day at FT. Bowie made you feel you just didn’t want the ride to end. Johnny Ringo performed at his best ever at Turkey Creek gravesite on this years ride. Curly Bill visit at Cottonwood Springs was an extra surprise! The two rides on Allen Street put the town back in the 1880’s, just fantastic. The first day on the Empire Ranch was a great ride through an historical Arizona ranch. Charley One Horse was at his best with the history of Cochise’s Stronghold. The food was all 5 star.
    Loved riding with our repeat family of riders and also enjoyed meeting wonderful first time riders and new friends. Troy, Riley, Hayden and Jarod were the best wranglers you could ever want. Thanks for a Great American Adventure, See you all on 3 rides in 2017!!!

  10. Kass Walsh

    This was my first Vendetta Ride and I got roped into it by my brother, Rich. It’s been on his bucket list–he is an avid “Helldorado Days” participant with an vast interest in Wyatt Earp and the Old West, and has done the research to check it out over the years.
    Me– I haven’t ridden in 30 years, so I thought I’d better get some time in the saddle—and leased a horse–which I am still riding. This has been a new lease on life for me—I am so glad I did this ride!!
    Steve and Marcie are professional in their demeanor, tasks, and go above and beyond in giving each rider a historic and scenic ride. The historians, the character actors and speakers they engage add so much to the story of Tombstone. The wranglers are the best!!…so helpful! The other riders (and their wives) we (Rich and I) met from around the country enhanced our ride. The ride through Tombstone was memorable! It was like taking a piece out of history and inserting oneself into it. Awesome!
    I told Steve early on I would tell him something the last day–I trusted my horse and let her lead me down the hill from Ft. Bowie- (and every day!)–you see my real aka should have been “One-eyed Kass”. Everyone made me feel so welcome and they were helpful. We’re signing up for more rides with Steve and Marcie! Yee haw!

  11. Jack Smith aka Cactus Jack

    WOW! How awesome was this ride! This was my first ride, but it won’t be the last! The professionalism and organization of Steve and Marcie are top notch and second to none! Each day’s ride was quite memorable. The wranglers and horses were outstanding, leaving all concerns behind! They were able to accommodate each of us, even an old cowboy like myself! Met some great people and hope we have made some lasting friendships! Can’t wait to see what Steve lines up for 2018! If any of you are thinking of booking a ride, please go ahead and do it! You will have the time of your life and not regret your decision! I would ride any trail with Steve and Marcie anytime! Vaya con Dios!

  12. Cole Thornton

    Simply put, there is no better “adventure” for a lover of Old West history and Tombstone than Steve and Marcie’s Vendetta Ride. From start to finish, it was an experience like no other. Where else can you 1) ride on horseback to actual historical locations (some not open to the general public), 2) dress in period clothing if you are so inclined (it’s fun!), 3) enjoy a private tour of Tombstone with local historians, and 4) befriend some of the nicest people you will ever meet?
    After over 30 years in corporate America, I can honestly say that Steve Shaw brings a level of professionalism and attention to detail like no other. From the horse wranglers to the food vendors, historians and photographers, everyone was handpicked and all did a first class job. Steve and Marcie transform what most of us would consider logistically challenging, and turn it into a seamless experience for their guests. Their love and passion for what they do is front and center the entire time you are with them. I came home wanting more, as the Vendetta Ride gave me the opportunity to be a 10 year old kid again. It’s truly a unique, one-of-a-kind experience, and my ONLY regret is that I couldn’t take my horse home with me!

  13. Al hader

    This was my sixth Vendetta Ride, hard to believe that it just gets better than the previous ones. Marcie and Steve amazingly add venues such as Gamon’s Gulch, Empire Ranch and Fort Bowie . We had quite a few new riders to help Wyatt track down those “cowboys”. They were all wonderful new members of the Vendetta Riders and was great to see the repeat riders. Troy, Riley, Hayden, Kent and Gerrim were fantastic wranglers and their horses were super. The food was off the chart great. Historian Don Taylor out did himself! Am already signed up for 2018, Thank you Marcie and Steve for making dreams come true.

  14. Brent Slutsky AKA John Bell Hood (verified owner)

    If you have even a passing interest in the history of the Old West, you need to take advantage of the Vendetta Ride. Steve and Marcie have transformed what would normally be a straight-forward lesson in history to something as close to travelling back in time and BEING history. I have no idea how they do it. But travel back in time and trace the hoof-prints of Wyatt and his Posse. See and BE at the places where history was made. Enjoy this historic ride on great horses handled by outstanding wranglers, enjoy great food, get some fantastic photos of the adventure, learn the real story from your own historian and, I promise, you’ll make life-long friends while having a bucket list type of experience. I knew this was going to be good but had no idea how good. Treat yourself. You’ll love every moment. I sure as heck did!!

  15. Jimmy & Kathy Green (verified owner)

    This was one of the BEST vacations we have ever taken! EVERYTHING was just totally awesome, From the details prior to the actual ride…. to the introductory meeting on Sunday evening…. the meals…. the wranglers…. the historians….to the life-long friendships we made….Steve and Marcie Shaw exceeded our expectations! Words cannot even begin to describe the fun and excitement we experienced on the Vendetta ride. To be able to take a step back in time and “play” while actually learning the true history of the west made this trip more than just a vacation. Steve and Marcie Shaw are phenomenal hosts, however, they are more than just coordinators … they truly show their passion for people. Their interaction throughout the entire ride demonstrates just how people oriented they truly are! Words just cannot do this ride and Steve & Marcie Shaw justice!

    If you are contemplating taking this adventure…. let me tell you it is WELL worth it! We loved it so much… we’re signed up for 2018!

  16. Larry and Candy McDermott (verified owner)

    Any way you look at it, this is Americana at its finest. Revisiting the Wyatt Earp Vendetta haunts on our second Vendetta Ride was even more inspirational than the first. So much more to absorb and enjoy. Johnny Ringo’s gravesite, Cottonwood Springs, Dragoon Mountains, with great special effects-Doc Holliday, Curly Bill,and Johnny Ringo appearing, Wyatt’s apparition, Big Mike’s outdoor barbecue! The topper for us was the day ride through Apache Pass to Fort Bowie. What an extraordinary place. Loved that day. The fine people that have assembled as part of the GAA family are a testament to Steve and Marcie. Pals who took us under their wing on our first ride (now our eighth) have remained friends to this day. Meeting and dining at Monument Ranch’s spectacular atmosphere felt like we were sitting down to a family dinner. These relationships make this group truly great. The horseless rider tribute to lost pal, Doc Crabb, in the Allen Street parade proves that the Shaws put their heart and soul into these rides.
    Blondie and Sweetie Omaha, NE

  17. Harlan Hanneman

    My second ride with Great American Adventures……outstanding times two. Steve and Marcie have all the details worked out. It is time travel. It took awhile for me to start thinking 2018 after the ride was over. I have met wonderful people that I will be friends with until the role is called up yonder. Looking forward to future rides. COWBOY UP!

  18. Al Hader

    The 10th Anniversary Wyatt Earp Vendetta Ride was fantastic! I have ridden on seven Vendetta Rides now. Just when you think they can’t get any better, Marcie & Steve put this one off the charts. From the meet and greet dinner at the Tombstone Monument Ranch, and watching a most creative video ” Going To Tombstone ” to the post ride dinner, all the evening events and dinners were great.
    It was wonderful to have Don Taylor, Casey Tefertiller and Gary Roberts to educate us on Tombstone history, while having dinner at historical Schieffelin Hall. Was great spending time with celebrities Bruce Boxleitner and Rob Word at the Monument Ranch and having a Western Film Q & A session after a great dinner.
    The wranglers, Troy, Hayden, Darlin, Keaton and Biscuit did an amazing job managing all the horses and riders.
    The weather and all the riding was the best ever.
    A ride not to be missed, signed up for 2019!
    Thank you Steve and Marcie!
    Al Hader (aka: Desert Gator ) Phoenix

  19. Bat McAlister (verified owner)

    If you grew up on Saturday morning westerns and still yearn for those days of yesteryear then Steve and Marcie Shaw have your ticket. You are never too “OLD” to ride the same trails where our heroes tamed the west and gave us a sense of “right and wrong.”

    Take the ”RIDE”, relive your childhood dreams, meet folks with your mindset, and your same childhood western heroes. Steve and Marcie Shaw are a “gift” to those of us with childhood fantasies of riding the “range” with the ghosts of our western heroes. A “gift” cannot be copied, reproduced, duplicated or replaced, just like our western heroes of yesteryear. Steve and Marcie are the most kind and gracious vacation hosts you will ever meet.
    Join their “Adventure” earn YOUR Wyatt Earp Vendetta Badge”.

  20. Allen Hooper (verified owner)

    Have you ever saw the movie “Ground Hog Day” where everything happens over and over? I wish this was happening while I was doing this ride. I just loved it!. Had such a great time. Thanks Steve and Marcie for the ride.

  21. Brent Slutsky AKA Hondo (verified owner)

    I just returned from my 3rd Vendetta Ride. I am, again, amazed at how Steve and Marcie can make these remarkable adventures happen seemingly so effortless. Last year I had a peek “behind the curtain” and saw a very small part of what goes into to making the ride seem effortless. The amount of work completed happens ONLY if one is passionate about what you’re doing. Steve and Marcie have that passion and work as hard as they do to present wonderfully one-of-a-kind adventures for their clients. If you have even a passing interest in the history of the Old West, come join in with the rest of the GAA family and ride. You’ll go to places few get to go where history took place. And by doing so, make a bit of history yourself. You will also make some new friends and memories that will last a lifetime. I cannot recommend Great American Adventures enough. I only wish I could go on all their rides.

  22. Kathleen Connolly aka Dusty Kooter

    History comes to life with G.A.A. Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride.
    I have taken many historical vacations. This was the most exciting immersive trip I have ever been on. A true adventure. To walk and ride in the steps of the people that MADE history, brought me to tears. A fascinating walk in Tombstone with an accomplished historian, touching the actual tree where Johnny Ringo was found, climbing the rock formation of Cochise’s Stronghold, riding on horseback down the famed Allen street were only a few of the highlights. To smell the dust, feel the wind on your face wearing 1880’s attire while swaying with your horse is something few people get to experience. Each day is filled with history that has just about been forgotten. You travel on the same paths as stagecoaches, soldiers, pioneers, Native Americans, outlaws and lawmen. This is an adventure that needs to be on everyone’s bucket list!
    Thank you Steve & Marcie for being such wonderful hosts, for all the time & and effort you put into every little detail. G.A.A. brings history to LIFE.

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