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Ride the REEL West | Testimonials

Santa Fe, New Mexico

April 10 – 16, 2016

A Special Event and Ride

Our Mission: To enjoy those areas used in making past Western Movies while making our own non-commerical film

The script: Original, yet purloined liberally from great Western movies…

 ~ Scenes, dialogue and action were purposely taken from our favorite films ~
Will we do this ride again?  Never say never… watch this site for new announcement!

And now the Testimonials….

You have done something remarkable and I hope the other “actors” realize it. I had no idea it was so complicated in the movie “Bid’ness”. This thing is truly a labor of love – if not, you would not be spending the time, effort, frustration and energy doing it. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR DOING THIS FOR US ALL.

Below is my testimonial for the awesome REEL West adventure. The hardest thing is not writing a book – this one certainly deserves it.

Thanks again so much for all you and Marcie do for all us riders. Matty and Parker, my grandsons, were delighted and will remember this forever.

I hope editing the movie is going well. It looks to be a slow, tedious process and I know you and Aaron are working to make the final product extraordinary.

We had such an amazing time that’s almost beyond description – but I will try in my Testimonial below. What an absolutely great experience! Thank you and Marcie again for your hospitality, warmth and friendship.  Thanks for welcoming us into your beautiful home. We enjoyed our visit immensely.

GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURES more than lived up to its name with Ride the REEL West. This was our sixth ride/adventure with Steve and Marcie and it’s going to be hard to ever top. This was a very ambitious project from the start, but Steve and Marcie Shaw pulled off another amazing “adventure” and did it so well again. This truly was a once in a lifetime adventure! Most of us grow up watching movies and being transported to another time, another place and another dimension, if only for a little while. Those of us that grew up with Westerns – movie and T.V. – have played and even dreamed of living the role of our favorite character, cowboy, and historical person. We lived and played on the trail driving cattle, fighting Indians, fighting bad guys, marshaling Dodge City and Tombstone – facing that ultimate showdown. The movies always had a means and the magic to take us there.

I’ve often wondered how these fabulous celluloid stories were made and the work it took to make the Duke look like a real life cowboy or Clint to be the baddest “good” guy the West had seen. Both Steve and Marcie have worked in the film and television industry and have had the experience to know what is required to produce a film or television program and produce the final product and the story we see. Who hasn’t dreamed of being the Duke or Clint or a thousand other stars and the extras, stand-ins, cast and crew to make the stories we see and love?

Ride the REEL West was the vehicle that allowed 30 or so cowboys, cowgirls and non-riders to fully experience all the facets of making a Western movie. It began with an excellent script/screen play, written by Steve, and took us to numerous locations where dozens of movies, Western and non-Western, have been filmed.

We filmed in ten different locations and rode the horses through some absolutely beautiful country. Traveling to the various locations really gives one the perspective of what it takes to make the movie magic happen. Bits and parts of one scene may be shot in several locations and edited into one homogenous, seamless scene – the magic of Hollywood. One can easily see why New Mexico has become a favored location, especially for Westerns.

The really neat thing about the script: Steve wrote it to reflect the personality and character of each participant he knew well and blended it into a neat screen play. Steve’s original intent was to have a short script, but as he wrote it, it unfolded into a longer, more detailed screen play to ensure all the participants had the opportunity to be part of the story. It was very much like the traditional, good Western stories – good guys versus bad guys (the bad guys had some very juicy parts). It also illustrated how the screen play is probably never shot in sequence. The last scene may be shot first, the first shot last and middle scenes shot when and where the schedule makes most sense. It was a fun story.

When Steve was first conceiving the story, he asked if we could possibly have my youngest grandson participate (Steve had the story-line already conceptualized). With Parker in school now, it required some logistics and planning – but, as in the real movies, his scenes were to be shot in one day with him only missing one day of school. Further, Steve and Marcie were so gracious to include our older grandson, Matty, to let him experience this wonderful adventure of a lifetime. My son Matt and I were signed up for the adventure, but Steve included my wife Bonnie and other non-riding spouses in the script giving the families the opportunity to participate in this truly great adventure.

As stated before, Ride the REEL West was truly a bold step for Steve and Marcie to take and make it happen with the precision the other rides are famous for. Steve and Marcie began working on this adventure way over a year ago. After seeing all the pieces of the gigantic puzzle it takes to make the Wyatt Earp Vendetta Ride, John Wayne Monument Valley Ride and the other great adventures happen, THIS adventure had to far exceed any before. To make a project of this extent successful, it would seem a small army would be needed to pull all the pieces together. In addition to the landowners, government agencies, restaurants, hotels, special businesses and the myriad other items, add to that “Hollywood”. Steve and Marcie had to tackle the Railroad at Chama, the many extra locations not normally visited during a ride (Bill Mann’s Black Dog Saloon, Dick Kimberly’s home, Ranch De Los Golondrinas, etc.), the Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch and countless other items that had to be coordinated and scheduled. It should have taken at least 12 or more people to make it happen. Aaron, our beloved Director and cameraman and Dick Kimberly, actor, propman and special effects coordinator, helped immensely. But, WOW! It all worked so well, AGAIN.

Given this very ambitious project, it would be very easy to have things go awry. But, as usual, Steve and Marcie made it all work so well. I have talked about passion before with GAA, but Ride the REEL West went way beyond mere passion – it was truly a labor of love. Steve has wanted to do a movie for a while and be able to share all the experiences with his clients and friends. Both Steve and Marcie look at every facet of the “adventure” to be sure that it is something all will enjoy. Their standards are high and the quality and caring shows at each turn. Steve and Marcie worked so hard to make this best adventure possible and they more than accomplished that.

The participants did indeed get a wonderful taste of making a movie. Each “actor” had to learn his/her lines, understand the makeup of the scenes, learn how they fit together, see what, how and why the locations fit into the script, see why we film scene(s) 13 and 26 first, how the shooting schedule is planned and why, learn about being background when not in front of the camera, learn how much time can be spent simply waiting for your next scene, learn how each actor needs to be a prop man and help set up scenes and countless other things that we never imagined were required. We got to experience cold, blowing dust, snow, rain and some warm weather too – the movie can’t stop to wait on weather. If every person did not get the experience of a lifetime, shame on them.

Following the conclusion of our filming, Steve and Marcie hosted a genuine “Wrap Party” at their lovely home. All participants were warmly welcomed and made to feel at home and like family. We had some wonderful food, shared some stories, enjoyed the fellowship and camaraderie that was a fitting close to this most extraordinary experience.

Great American Adventures has afforded us the opportunity to do things very few ever get to do. We robbed the Durango-Silverton train and now we have made a Western movie. We made this a family affair from our first Wyatt Earp Vendetta Ride and it continues today. Steve and Marcie genuinely want each person to get all they can from the adventure and have FUN! This is one of the most fun things I have ever done in my lifetime and it would be hard to surpass. These are memories that will stay with us forever.

My family and I have gotten to know Steve and Marcie Shaw well over these last six years. We consider them not just friends, but good friends. Their genuine warmth, caring and compassion is so special to the entire family and me personally. When Matt and I made our first Vendetta ride in 2011, I felt like we were doing a fun adventure with old friends – they make you feel that way. For Ride the REEL West and the futures rides we are going to make, it is indeed enjoying the adventure with old friends. Thank you both again so much.

Don May, aka “Chocktaw Sessums,” Katy, Texas

Patti and I had a great week making our movie. We’ve got a much greater appreciation for all the work it takes for this to come together. You, Aaron and Marcie all outdid yourselves the entire week. I can’t imagine all of the pre-planning it took to schedule and coordinate the whole operation and then pull it off seamlessly. You have the ability to think on your feet and adapt when necessary and make it look easy – always one step ahead with maps, water, extra costumes, whatever anyone needed. I gained a healthy respect for all of the behind-the-scenes work you did. Everything was 1st class and the “little extras” like personalized certificates, saddle bags and boot plaques are icing on the cake. Your enthusiasm affects everyone and the spirit is infectious. It turns a great bunch of people into a family we are proud to now be a part of.

Jeff and Patti Peirce, aka “Indy,” Indianapolis, IN

This new ride  exceeded my expectations which did not surprise me. This was not only a western ride in some beautiful country where many famous westerns were filmed but also an experience acting and being filmed on a currently active movie town, Bonanza Creek Ranch – just like our western heroes of Hollywood! We filmed in the cold, wet, dark, daylight and everything in between while there. Steve and Marcie worked tirelessly to make everything period correct and also fun and entertaining at the same time. If you do not try one of their rides you will be missing out on a lifetime experience you will never forget. Just another western adventure that was truly PRICELESS.
PS You are the BEST! My brother-in-law Dale loves you as I knew he would.

Bob Dulzer, aka “Hairtrigger Harry,” Hudson, OH

Now that the filming is over, I’m sure this is where the hard part begins, trying to make our rag-tag bunch look good. I can’t tell you when Marsha and I had more fun. You and Marcie are wonderful hosts, and we thank you from the bottom of our hearts for making this trip so memorable. I have been on four rides with you, and somehow you make each one better than the last. As John said, we have certainly become a unique family who love the old west, with a special fondness for one another. You have truly done something special in forming Great American Adventures, and I am very blessed to be a part of this wonderful family.

Thank you for the hard work that no one sees. It is amazing how you make these events happen in the face of challenges that I’m sure none of us will ever know. Very few people will ever experience the rich western landscape as we have. You can’t see them from a car, and pictures will never do them justice.

No one but you guys could have make it possible! Thank you again Steve, I am proud to call you my friend.

Kevin Hogge, aka “Lucky Gunn,” Chesapeake, VA

Ride the Reel West was an experience of a lifetime. Just to see El Rancho De Las Golondrinas and Bonanza Creek Ranch was worth the price of the ride. And just to think of all the movie stars that have made movies here is just amazing! The days we rode horses in the beautiful canyons was awesome. If you love old west movies and want to see where they were made and want to be in one along with seeing beautiful mountains and canyons this is the ride for you!!

Jake Diemer, aka “Buffalo Jake,” Springfield, MO

Steve & Marcie: Below is my testimonial for the “Reel West” ride. And what an experience it was. It was surreal. It has taken nearly all this time to come down from the “high”. The planning and effort you put into that ride is unbelievable. I know what you had to do to pull that off and my hat is off to ya. Again, thanks for a wonderful ride and an experience I will never forget.

We all have bucket lists. I certainly have mine and I have had the wonderful opportunity to check a few things off; ride my Harley to Tombstone, to Colorado, to Big Bend & Sturgis, skydive and way back about 7 years ago…..ride my first Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride with Great American Adventures. Then I cut a music CD….just for the heck of it, the “Ballad of the OK Corral” and that was fun. Then, there is the, what I call, the “grey area” of my bucket list. Things that I would love to do, but because of their probable forbiddance due to the dreaming on my part, will probably never happen, but boy, wouldn’t it be fun if it could. Well, one such item on THAT list was……to be in a movie. Maybe even speak just one line. And like the CD, just for the heck of it and say; “Wow, I did it”.

Well, then comes along, again, Steve & Marcie Shaw’s Great American Adventures offering a “movie ride” and here we go. A script is written with each of our characters in mind, we have a real director, a real script, real horses riding real canyons where real movies have been filmed and we end up the last 3 days on a real movie set where real movies have been filmed and as a matter of fact, we have to share the set with a real movie crew from Hollywood for a couple of days. Folks, it just don’t get any better than this. You just can’t make this stuff up.

The ride turned into an absolute adventure. Not only did I get to play a movie star for a week, but we enjoyed the movie sets, the company of fellow riders, beautiful country, a wonderful ride and the taste of being on the set and learning the hows and ins and outs of shooting a movie. And ya know what? We all did a darn good job and I think we filmed a darn good western and I am proud to have been a part of it and can’t hand enough kudos to Steve and Marcie Shaw and Great American Adventures for providing an outstanding opportunity. It was the adventure of a lifetime.

Bob Crabb, aka “Doc Crabb,” Sequin, Texas

Steve and Marcie: Here’s our testimonial for another unbelievable time.

Once again – an unbeliveable experience. You two never cease to amaze us with your creativity, organization, and attention to detail. We are so overjoyed with the entire adventure. Loved every aspect of it. It was good to reunite with old pals. AND… we connected with some great new people. Carpooling with Deadeye Jake and Hairtrigger Harry was a hoot! It truly is like one big family. Larry and I feel so fortunate to have hooked up with you guys and your schemes. If another movie ride is on the docket – we are in for sure. Great American Adventures continues to deliver “once in a lifetime” experiences. As our fifth adventure with Steve and Marcie, we chose “Ride the Reel West” and what a ride it was! True to its description, we truly experienced the ins and outs of making a Western movie. What a thrill to actually be film stars and act in the very locations of the great Westerns. Riding horses through the iconic New Mexico landscape and absorbing the history of it all was so enriching. Here’s to more adventures! Thanks for the memories!!

Candy and Larry McDermott, aka “Blondie and Sweetie,” Omaha, Nebraska

Steve,  As a business owner, you should be pleased with the success of the Ride the Reel West adventure. Your efforts, planning, logistics, etc. were rewarded by the participants. They really took this seriously and we saw some good acting. The more that I think about the week the more I am impressed with all that happened. A lot to do in the week and a lot was done. You even graciously tolerated intrusive input by some of us (who, me?). I am sure that you evaluate each ride and tweak when necessary and will do so on this one. The weather you can not control – it will always be a factor, especially on this ride. I hope that you offer this adventure again. I sincerely thank you for permitting me to be a part of this adventure. I got much more than I paid for.

Now for my real testimonial:  I have had the pleasure of being on sets with major productions and name actors. Most were an enjoyable experience. However, those pale in comparison to my experience on set with Great American Adventures Ride The Reel West. The effort and organization that made this possible were evident each day. The original script was creative and gave each participant a moment in the spotlight. The producer and director were helpful and informative and made this a true reel west movie experience. It was also a great real life western adventure.

I have been on several Great American Adventure rides over the past ten years. Ride The Reel West is my favorite with the others tied for a close second. All of their rides are first class and you certainly get more than you pay for. Participants will not be disappointed.

Steve, you have no idea how much that I enjoy your adventures. I have been fortunate to have met my childhood cowboy heroes and was never disappointed. I treasure the reel and real memories and your adventures add to both. I WILL be back in the saddle with you, John, Joe and the others again. I may even have to darken my hair as would any matinee idol (as a certain fellow does). 

Ken Taylor, aka “Tigger Taylor,” Tampa, FL

You will never see a TV commercial, program, or a movie from the same perspective after participating in the actual making of a film. Being part of an actual Western movie production gives great insight into how those films we love so much were actually made. Lots of work, but extremely rewarding.

My turn:  How do I really say thank you adequately for the experience of a lifetime? It was so much fun. And the people were such a pleasure to be around. It must have been a stressful time for you both to get this event accomplished, and I have to say that you did it in remarkable fashion. Thank you both so much. Well, I didn’t get to wear my new dress for my big scene, since I wasn’t prepared to do it so quickly after that filming decision was made for John’s and my benefit. It was a small price to pay for all the care and concern that everyone showed us. I also think that I was seated at an awkward angle for the filming of that scene, but dear Aaron just dealt with it. Hope it doesn’t come out poorly in the film.

You both are wonderful. Thank you, too, for the wrap-up party. Your home is perfect for you. And the envy of everyone in the group, I am sure.

John and Faith Rankin, aka “Ben Craig” and “Swedish Sweetie,” Eaton Rapids, MI

The “ REEL WEST “ was a phenomenal adventure. I have been on several Great American Adventure rides, but this one has to rank as a totally new experience.

Steve, Marcie and Aaron introduced me to the world of movie making. The “ REEL WEST “ provided the excitement of participating in filming a western called “ The Peacemakers: Night Of The Ripper”. It was amazing filming on several western movie ranch sets and several other fantastic scenic locations. All the people involved in making this ride happen were at the height of professionalism. The ride was all inclusive; horseback riding, filming, tremendous camaraderie of the cast, excellent dining and lots of fun memories.

The filming at the Rail Yard in Chama, NM was great. The chuck wagon provided some excellent meals! Visting Clint Mortenson’s ranch was really very interesting to me.

The “wrap” party and treats provided by Marcie and Steve were off the chart surprises!

I would like to thank Steve, Marcie, Aaron, Dick, Bill Manns, Judy, Troy, Riley, Hayden, Granger and Ed for all their wonderful contributions to a great time.

I will never view a film the same anymore!

Al Hader, aka “Desert Gator,” Scottsdale, AZ

Check another one off the “bucket list”! After a lifetime of watching Westerns, I’ve always wanted to be in one, and this experience exceeded all my expectations. We did it all: rode after the villains, shot it out with the bad guys on Main St, and I even got kissed by the girl! Steve and Marcie hit it out of the park….again! If you’ve ever wanted to know what it’s like on set, this is the “reel” thing.

Bill and Shari Hill, aka “Marshal W. Hill” and “Miss Belle,” Prescott, AZ

I wanted to thank you again for the absolutely FANTASTIC Reel West adventure. Riding horses, dressing in costume, Bonanza Creek Ranch, early mornings, late nights, wind, snow, rain, sun, memorizing my lines, helping with the production, chuck wagon meals, shooting guns, a real live staged fistfight, the list goes on and on. This was the experience of a lifetime. I feel this was as close as anyone could ever get to the experience of making a real movie without being a Hollywood star. I will be devoting an entire wall in my living room to my Reel West Adventure memories.

Thanks again. Your name says it all. This truly was The Great American Adventure.

Mark Sacharski, aka “Ace,” Hartland, WI

Hi Steve and Marcie, just arrived home. Thank you so much for the fantastic time I have had in Santa Fe. I realize that it is a lot of work and worry for you both but I really do appreciate all you do to make it an enjoyable experience for all of us. Look forward to seeing you both again soon. I will check dates for the Tombstone ride in October and phone you. Thank you once again. Kind regards,

Peter Mackay, aka “Pete Tenderfoot,” Hertfordshire, United Kingdom

Thank you all so much for another great ride & the movie you put on for your riders. This ride was totally different than any other ride you have put on it and it was great. You are the only person that I know that could have put something like this together & it worked. You & Aaron worked together very well with all the riders that were there. Everybody got along & that help to make the movie go very well. Plus it was good to meet people I have not seen for awhile… loved it. The food was the best with that chuckwagon we had for those three days… all was wonderful; and the steak dinner the last night was great.

The canyon rides were beautiful, with rock formations so different, I have never seen before. I enjoyed  Diablo Canyon where we climbed the rocks to get in position for the ambush on the good guys. One other thing I thought I would never see was Friday morning – it snowed for about 15 min. – something you do not see in Louisiana very often. Our movie brought me back to the time I was on the set for the Magnificent 7 – loved it. Once again you pulled off another great time & ride that people will never forget. That’s what I like about your rides; you always have a great time meeting old friends & meeting new ones. The “wrap party” at your home after the ride was very nice of you & Marcie & the acting award was great!!!!!!!!!!! I never would have thought of an award like you gave everybody & I have been on a lot of your rides… you know this is one for the books. The tour at  El Rancho de Los Golondrinas was wonderful; to see where they shot a lot of great westerns and the guide was very very nice to us. So once again thank you Steve & Marcie for a great time! I will be back.

Joe Demarest, aka “Flying Joe,” Sulphur, LA

If you ever dreamed of playing “cowboys and Indians” when you were younger and longed for the old west, contact Steve and Marcie Shaw about their historical adventures. They are so personable, kind and accommodating. You and Marcie do such a great job organizing and making things fun for all of us. I really appreciate the effort that you put into these rides to make them so memorable and exciting. I will be going on my 5th ride in October (Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride). Each and every time they offer new adventures, historians speaking about the history of Tombstone, Cochise’s Stronghold, Palo Duro Canyon, Quanah Parker and more. This last adventure was Ride the Reel West; we made a film called the “Peace Makers” that Steve had written. You will learn all about film making and how it’s done. Most of all you will meet life long friends and become one of the family. Once you go on an adventure you will always want to come back. I had such a wonderful time last week and didn’t want it to end. I appreciate all your hard work that you and Marcie go through to give others so much joy and adventure. See you in Tombstone in October (again).

Charlene Houston, aka “Winchester Annie,” Winchester, VA

Well, Steve….unfortunately, it’s back to the real west today! How do I thank you and Marcie? How do I tell you two how much fun I had? From living a childhood dream to hanging with a bunch of wonderful people. I don’t know! I will go back to work today and cut about 20 people! (hair that is… Believe it or not!). These are people very much like the ones I met and enjoyed on your trip, so you understand why I love my job. But for the next couple of months I will have to repeat my story that many times a day!… But guess what?…I will never get tired of telling it! (It may change a bit from time to time, LOL). In the back of my mind comes the phrase that Harley riders have used to explain why they ride: “If I had to explain you wouldn’t understand!”
I feel so lucky and blessed to have been a part of your adventure and to have been accepted so terrifically by one and all.
Thank you, thank you, thank you for allowing me to join your gang. You will see me again,

Dale Snowberger, aka “Deadeye Jake,” El Segundo, CA… PS…. I sure miss my horse!

The ride was a “Great American Experience,” no pun intended. What is more American than a Western movie!  Thanks,

Ed Robinson, aka “Alabamie Eddie,” Birmingham, AL

Had a great time! You out did yourself, again.  It was all I thought and more. 

Bob Lucas, aka “Capt’n Bob,” Union City, PA

I have been a repeat rider with Steve and Marcie Shaw’s Great American Adventures since 2010. In the past, with the Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride in Arizona, we have gone to Mescal Studios (where Tombstone was filmed) and on occasion, to Old Tucson Studios. With the inaugural “Ride the REEL West” ride this year (April 2016) we were in and around Santa Fe, New Mexico. This ride was dedicated to movie studios, movie ranches, and movie sets.

Steve and Marcie took us to multiple sites where several movies have been filmed, including some of our favorite Westerns. We saw El Rancho de Las Golondrinas, Bill Mann’s Ranch and Black Dog Cantina, and Bonanza Creek Ranch. We visited the towns of Cerrillos and Madrid. We even were privileged to visit the homes of some prominent New Mexicans.

Steve had the ambitious project to film a movie of our own. In advance, we were provided with a well written script. Then as part of “Ride the REEL West,” we not only visited movie sets, we actually filmed our own movie! It certainly gave me an appreciation for all that goes into the movie making process.

All of Great American Adventures’ rides that I have attended have been the experience and thrill of a lifetime. This ride was special, though. We were able to see where several of our Western heroes worked; and, by making our own movie, we were able to see first hand the process by which they worked, and how they became our heroes. 

Thanks to Steve and Marcie, our hosts and producers; to Aaron our director and film recorder; to Troy and our wranglers; to David Geary, Phd, for a wonderful tour of El Rancho de Las Golondrinas; to Bill Manns, for allowing us to visit and tour his ranch; to Dick, our armorer and prop man; to Bill from Bonanza Creek Ranch for all his help;and to our chuckwagon cook for delicious meals; and, to all of the other riders who helped to make this an outstanding experience. 

Once again, this was the experience and thrill of a lifetime!

David Curtis, M.D., aka “Doc Curtis,” Newburgh, IN

Steve, Marcie and Aaron, thank you so much for all of your hard work!  We are so excited to see the movie and even more excited to have made it with all of our friends and our Shaw relatives (yes, that’s you guys – we’ve adopted you both!).  Every trip has been special in it’s own way but this was even cooler because I got to have my whole family there and I thank you for that.  We will get to have this on video for the rest of our lives which is super cool!  I look forward to seeing you guys again!

Matt May, aka “Junior Sessums,” Fulshear, TX

“The cliffs over there are almost painted for you – you think – until you try to paint them.” Georgia O’Keefe wrote in 1977.

That quote reflects what the Santa Fe Film Ride, Ride the Reel West, is really about for me. All of the riders spent two days at Bonanza Creek Ranch, a live movie film site where the movies 3:10 to Yuma, Silverado, Appaloosa and The Missing, among others, were filmed. In addition the group spent time at El Rancho de Las Golondrinas where many movies were filmed also.

One may remember the scene in Young Guns where Billy the Kid was in the pigpen. It’s hard to imagine how they got a camera in that small pen with Emilio Estevez as he came out. Such a great scene! The group also saw the house from The Missing where El Brujo, played by Eric Schweig, killed the ranchers and where Tommy Lee Jones jumped out of the window. These were all the places where we filmed our movie, The Peacemakers |The Night of the Ripper. What can I say, except that all enjoyed the locations and the film history.

The group traveled on to the historic Nambe Trading Post north of Santa Fe, owned by Emmy Award Winning costume designer Cathy Smith, who also designed the costumes for Dances With Wolves. There was Bill Mann’s Cantina, which he rebuilt from a century old sheepherder house. It is now called the Black Dog Cantina. Bill led us all into the riverbed of Copper Canyon. I loved the sulfur yellow in the mountains with blood red sky framing the scene. The beauty of the scene was enhanced by the food prepared by Carl Hawkin’s chuck wagon meals.

How are all the riders ever going to pay thanks to Steve and Marcie Shaw for everything they have done to make this film making adventure perfect in every way? Steve and Marcie will have spent at least 160 hours in producing and editing all the film to make this western movie.

Great American Adventures made Ride the Reel West a perfect experience. I sincerely hope they put this up for a film award. Can you imagine going to the Sundance Film Festival for a reunion of all the actors and crew?

Sometimes when you meet new people and you really listen to them, they will change your lives. I believe Steve and Marcie Shaw have done that for me.

Gary Cook, aka “Omaha,” San Jose, CA

From one of my biggest fans, friends and repeat riders… this came before the ride began:

Your extremely focused attention to detail, organization and planning makes all the rides exceptional and is, as I have said before, unique (especially in today’s world). That is also part of the reason you have so many repeat riders. The other part is you and Marcie – how you have fun and the honest, sincere effort to ensure everyone has fun. I concur with your assessment on depending on others – as my dad used to say “if you want to be absolutely, positively sure the job is done right, you’ve got to be willing to do it yourself”. You guys love what you do and it shows in everything you do.

If you could make a documentary of what you go through to get even one BLM or private landowner permit or permission to make the rides happen, I think most of the riders would be shocked. It would sure make them have a new appreciation of the efforts you go through to make our rides so enjoyable and trouble free.

I know this REEL West is so important to you and another true passion. I know the script and the whole “adventure” will be so much fun – probably more than we can begin to imagine – and I have no doubt it will be EXCELLENT. Keep those creative juices flowing.

I know this will be perfect and convey the essence of the best, most fun adventure for the money and the first class, top notch business and it’s owners. And people need to know how much hard work you and Marcie do to make these adventures become life memories and the genuine warmth you two bring to the participants. The class, organization, planning and fun can only be compared to Disney. The genuine warmth, good nature, passion and friendliness are something I think is utterly unique.

Don May, aka “Chocktaw Sessums,” Katy, TX