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Billy the Kid’s Regulator Ride | Testimonials


2011 Testimonials 

What can I say about the Billy the Kid’s Regulator Ride?? Bless your heart, Steve… that’s right, bless your heart for putting together another great ride (again!). I rode over terrain that I have never rode before. The countryside and mountains were wonderful. The area was very rocky and different than any of your other rides that I have been on. The friendships I established was, as always, great. The historians you provided were fabulous. And that last day … it was pretty extreme!! It was so cool to be able to start on one side of the mountain and come out on the other side in the historic town of White Oaks… we need T-shirts for that day alone stating, “We Survived!!” Anyone that loves to ride horses should try one of your rides – they’d love it! Thanks again for a ride of a lifetime. And of course, I look forward to your next ride… I wouldn’t miss it!

Joe Demarest, Sulphur, LA

Steve & Marcie Shaw’s Great American Adventures recently held their premier Billy the Kid’s Regulator Ride in Historic Lincoln County, New Mexico, and, as with all their adventures, it was a resounding success. The five-day adventure began with a tour of historic Lincoln with local investigative historian Steve Sederwall and myself, followed by a horseback tour of the Tunstall murder site. The following morning the group and I toured historic Fort Stanton, after which the riders took to the first of two days of riding trails surrounding the Fort, trails often traveled by participants of the Lincoln County War.

My better half, Gilbert Barela, and I joined the group on day four, riding the Salazar Canyon area, often frequented by the Kid and part of the trail he followed immediately following his famous escape from the Lincoln County Courthouse. This ride granted us time to become acquainted with the riders and wrangler Troy and his son Keaton, a couple of top notch pros. Day four also gave Steve, Gilbert, and Troy an opportunity to look over the details of the next day’s ride.

Day five began just past the headquarters of one of the local ranches and headed towards the historic down of White Oaks, another favorite haunts of the Kid’s, on the other side of the rugged Carrizo Mountain. After seven “trail blazing” hours, through canyons, arroyos, and downed timer and dense forest, we reached our destination, tired and happy we headed for the No Scum Allowed Saloon for some well earned refreshment. It appeared unanimous, that this day’s ride, though challenging at times, was a favorite among everyone, a fitting finale for a wonderful week of adventure and history, complete with the old west style wedding of Regulator Joe and his bride Linda. As they said in the 1800s, “and a grand time was had by all.”

I’ve been acquainted with Steve and Marcie for a couple of years, but this is the first time I have been involved with one of their “Adventures” and I can say, without reservation, that theirs is one of the most professionally run outfits I have ever been affiliated with. Gilbert, an accomplished horseman, trails man, hunter and former outfitter, native to the area was even impressed, urging the riders on with a hardy “Regulators Ride!” The fabulous meals prepared by Vic and Cathy of the Wortley Hotel (Cathy also served as wedding planner), the expertise and fine steeds provided by wrangler Troy and Keaton, the tours, and the attention to every detail, served to insure a safe, fun, and most memorable adventure.

Gwendolyn Rogers, Lincoln County historian

The 2011 Billy the Kid’s Regulator Ride was superb in all respects. The great food and ambiance of the Historic Wortley Hotel, the personally guided historic tours of Lincoln, Fort Stanton and the surrounding areas by Gwen Rogers of the State of New Mexico Historical Commission and retired Sheriff’s Investigator Steve Sederwall, plus the beautiful country through which we rode all combined to make this event a truly memorable experience. Add in the camaraderie of both renewing old friendships and making new ones puts this experience “over the top.” This is a ride not to miss. John Rankin, Eaton Rapids, Michigan

This was my second ride with Steve & Marcie Shaw, and it was twice as good as the first one in Tombstone! The combination of historians the ride offered (Steve Sederwall and Gwen Rogers) made for fascinating discussions about the “hows” and “whys” of what happened in Lincoln County, New Mexico during the “war.” Sederwall’s background in criminal investigation gave an extra special twist to the history.

The ride itself covered incredibly beautiful country with lots of interesting historical locations: John Tunstall’s murder site, the Murphy-Dolan brewery (which may have more to do with the Kid’s escape than you’d ever imagine!), and an unforgettable ride over the mountains to the “No Scum Allowed Saloon.” Combine this with fantastic meals at the historic Wortley Hotel, being able to walk the streets of Lincoln much as they were in the 1880s, and willing horses provided by the wrangler, and you have a great adventure!

Do yourself a favor next year: “Pack yer irons and join the Regulators in Lincoln fer the time of yer life!”

Bill Hill, “Marshal W. Hill,” Prescott, AZ