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Custer’s Ride to Glory | Testimonials


2011 Testimonials

Believe me, this was the most enjoyable time I’ve ever had, especially with people I’ve never met before. Steve and Marcie, you both deserve so much credit and thanks for the memories and special moments you gave us all on our trip. You make people’s passions a reality and that’s more than many people can say. I wish there were more people like the both of you in my life! You’re both very special people. Oh, and before I finish, thanks for sewing my “fancy pants” for me Marcie. Steve, I don’t know how familiar you are with the movie “They Died with Their Boots On,” but in it, the character who plays California Joe remarks twice about the “fancy pants” the cavalry wears!

Mike Mucci, Franklin Lakes, NJ

(Steve’s Note: Although Mike came with his alias of Mooch, after he asked Marcie to sew up his “fancy pants” (7th Cav pants that had split apart) I started calling him “Fancy Pants.” He took it with great humor).

I’d do it again in an instant! Steve Shaw’s Custer’s Ride to Glory is an outstanding and unforgettable adventure for both historians and novices alike. I can’t say enough about the owner/organizers – Steve and Marcie Shaw. Simply stated, Steve and Marcie run a first class operation in all respects that will meet and exceed your expectations. Whether you are a “Custer buff” or just interested in a unique historic ride, you’ll come away with the experiences of a lifetime – an irreplaceable immersion in history. You’ll experience Montana just as the ill-fated 7th Cavalry troopers did, experiencing the difficult terrain and rigors of cavalry life. You get unique interaction with Indian tribes of the Great Plains, as well as honored historians. Not for the faint of heart – you’re on a horse for many hours a day, but it is a ride nearly anyone can enjoy with a little on the trail training – which Steve provides. Part of the fun is wearing a uniform and participating in the Little Bighorn reenactment. You can be as authentic as you like, it is up to you. Steve emphasizes pleasure and relaxation. As he says, I don’t ride in boring places and all my rides should be fun. It was the best of both – beautiful and unforgettable. I hope to ride much more with Steve. Garryowen!

Chris Chrislip, Pentagon, Washington D.C.

I had been looking forward to my “Custer’s Ride to Glory” Great Adventure for over two years. In that time I had built up some high expectations, based on a previous trip to Montana that included a visit to the Little Big Horn Battlefield and viewing the reenactment of “Custer’s Last Stand” on the battlefield at the Realbird Ranch, and from looking at photos of previous Rides on Steve’s website. It’s always dangerous to get your expectations high prior to an event, but in this case the actuality of the event exceeded, by far, my expectations! The “Reno’s Retreat” ride across a normally inaccessible part of the battlefield with not one, but two very knowledgeable guides; and the “Weir Point Sunset Ride” that left me breathless in amazement were some of the high points, of which there were many. The reenactments were great fun, and the ceremonies prior to each were impressive. I especially was touched by the presentation of a horse to our leader, Steve Shaw. That act spoke volumes of the respect that the Realbird family, host of the event, feels toward Steve. As wonderful as the rides and the reenactments were, though, the best part of the experience was the chance to meet and spend time with some great people… Duncan, our fantastic wrangler, and his family; Gary, our chuckwagon cook, who delivered three fantastic meals a day with the assistance of his wife Linda; Steve and his wife Marcie, who were always cheerful and welcoming and “made everything work.” Last but not least, it was an honor to ride with the other “troopers,” who made some very challenging rides while at the same time mastering cavalry training! In closing, I’d like to thank Steve Shaw for making the experience of a lifetime possible!

Joe Bordonaro, Mount Laurel, NJ

This was my third trip with Steve Shaw to the Little Big Horn (and 6th ride in total with Shaw), and it was the best. Each event was different, in its own way, and each was better than the previous one. Steve Shaw goes “above and beyond” to add those things that make his rides truly memorable, and different from what you may have experienced before. If you want a Western-themed ride, steeped in the history of the Old West, you cannot do better than a ride with Great American Adventures.

John Rankin, Eaton Rapids, MI

“Custer’s Ride to Glory” was even better than I had ever anticipated. Steve Shaw did a terrific job – all the surprise gifts were an added bonus. Thanks for helping to make great memories for my son Scott and me.

Ray Cusack, Tucson, AZ

Steve, you did it again for me as always. I have been on the “Custer’s Ride to Glory” with you for the third time. This time I experienced what the troopers must have felt when they rode all day and went into battle. I was tired and had more water than they had and I was very tired on that second day of riding. Also, the Reno Retreat – that was very well done. I did not realize it was such a large area that it took place in. Thanks for putting it together and making it come to life. The wrangler was very good and very helpful and I enjoyed the horse I was assigned. Also, thank you for having John and me up front with you and Custer at the Memorial Service – this was an honor for me. This was my fifth ride with you overall, and I’m going on my sixth ride in October on the “Billy the Kid’s Regulator Ride.” This year’s Custer ride was one of the best yet for me. I always come away with a different feeling on your rides no matter how many times I ride the same ride. As always, I made new friends on this ride. Thanks… your pard,

Joe Demarest, Sulphur, LA

2004, 2005, 2006, 2008 Testimonials

The Custer Ride will always be one of the great adventures of my life. The stories, friends, and thrill of ‘being there’ are among my favorite memories and have become a lifetime memory keepsake. Steve Shaw has successfully and expertly recreated an exciting time in history.

Rich Tomich, Lt Col, USAF, Retired, Vice President, SASS’ Winter Range

I recall the night we outran the thunderstorm … probably the most exciting ride at the Little Big Horn. Galloping through the sagebrush, the horses dodging it. The scenery is unbelievable: trees, rocks, hills, plains, and cows. The morning ride along the Little Bighorn River, riding up and down those hills all made for a fun experience. When we rode into the Little Bighorn National park for the annual Memorial Service, riding by all those graves and saluting the fallen soldiers was probably the most touching thing. The actual battle where the Indians fought hand-to-hand combat with us, all the time trying to throw each other down, was too much fun. When asked why I like to go to the Little Big Horn, my response is, “Where else can you ride through the plains, the river, the hills, not to mention the history of the place? These all make for an exciting experience.”

Al Kaufman, Defiance, Ohio

I have been on several “City Slicker” type cattle drives and other horse back riding trips over the years, but Custer’s Ride to Glory proved to be the best experience for me to date. Steve Shaw’s “Great American Adventures” is the BEST! The group assembled are all fine sportsmen who truly cherish the Old West’s history. Steve really does his homework to provide both great historical knowledge and first hand interaction with places as well as people. Throughout the entire event Steve constantly listens to the group to ensure their utmost enjoyment as well as to quickly resolve issues as they arise and yet maintains a casual atmosphere knowing we are all on vacation. I highly recommend his trips to anyone who loves history as well as adventure and fantastic friendship and lasting memories. Best words to describe the ride – PRICELESS!

Bob Dulzer, Hudson, Ohio

I had the fortune back in 2006 to meet and join Steve Shaw and his “Irregulars.” I read an article about “Custer’s Ride to Glory” for the 130th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn. The call for men to join a ride into history was too much for me to ignore. So I signed up, and am very glad I did. First of all, the adventure was very well organized. All details were carefully attended to. The wrangler was very professional and quite a character in his own right. The horses that were provided were strong, willing and well-trained. All the necessary tack and gear were available to those who needed. I didn’t since I had brought my own McClellan saddle. The historical teachings about the people, places and events were presented in a fun and easy to understand format. The instructors were readily available for any question asked. Also, there were different points of view presented. Not only did we hear the government’s side but also the Indians side as presented by an Indian chief. Then there is the food. We ate from a chuck wagon right on the bank of the Little Big Horn. The chow was prepared in the fashion of the day and there was always plenty of it. After dinner some sort of entertainment was provided whether it was the wrangler playing the guitar and singing or an evening ride to watch the sunset or chase coyotes. The battle re-enactment was top notch. There were plenty of Indians to fight with and lots of gun smoke and dust and horses running everywhere to excite any cowboy of any age. No one got hurt. Sure there were a few sprains and strains, but everyone watched out for everyone else. I met and have remained friends with a great bunch of guys. I plan to do this event again and hope to meet up with my partners that rode into history with me and the “Irregulars.”

Donn Crothers, Southwest, FL

I have spent nearly a lifetime studying George Armstrong Custer. The countless books I have read, and the trips to the Little Bighorn Battlefield are important to me. When I heard of the opportunity to ride where General Custer rode that last day was a beckoning call! As a Civil War re-enactor in a cavalry unit, I decided, with the full approval of my wife and partner, to enlist in the “Irregulars” and ride into history. What a magnificent decision that turned out to be! We rode where not many have been since that fateful day and we felt what those troopers must have felt with the rises on both sides of the trail a potential hiding place for the foe they were there to conquer. Having a direct descendant of the Indian tribe provide Oral Tradition comments on what happened and where was without a doubt an eye opening experience I will never forget. The adventure culminated in a battle reenactment on the site that it originally occurred. How cool can that be!!!! There is no question that this experience, and the detail, time and effort that Steve Shaw put into building this trip into history will be one of the most well remembered, and worthwhile vacations we have had to date.

Jeff Krueger, Fond du Lac, WI

I have never enjoyed a vacation/adventure as much as my experiences with GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURES. I participated in the June, 2006, activities concerning the 130th anniversary of the Battle of the Little Big Horn and the June, 2008, adventure which included events at Ft. Abraham Lincoln in North Dakota and at the Little Big Horn Battlefield site. I have participated in two exciting events with GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURES and consider them to be the best value of any “adventure” trips that I have taken. The events were professionally planned and executed and each participant received more than could have been expected. A horseback event with GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURES is not a ride from one point to the next over several days; rather, it is a living history lesson at the actual sites of significant events in American history. You ride where the Seventh Cavalry rode, where the American Indians had gathered for the largest encampment ever, where a tragic and controversial battle took place and where “legends rode to glory.” As part of my two GREAT AMERICAN ADVENTURES, I slept in the granary at Ft. Lincoln on bunks of 2 by 8 boards, saddled my horse in the Seventh Cavalry stable, rode through the ravine where the Seventh headed West on the way to the Little Big Horn, rode to Medicine Tail Coulee and crossed the Little Big Horn River. I participated in reenactments of the battle and memorial ceremonies at the Seventh Cavalry and Native American monuments. These events are true American Adventures.

Ken Taylor, Deputy Chief of Police, Tampa, Florida

I must say that the Custer trip was one of the finest adventures I have ever done. We did so much stuff, met a bunch of great guys, learned so much history, saw the places that I have only read about, rode in places I wouldn’t have dared to ride before, and more!

Robert Arntzen, Rockford, IL