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Wild Bill Hickok’s Last Ride | 2018 Photos

In 2018, Great American Adventures launched its newest ‘historic old west horseback ride’, namely “Wild Bill Hickok’s Last Ride.” The ride was located in and around the old mining town of Deadwood, South Dakota and continued during the week to Custer State Park and the Badlands. This adventure was so well received that its 2nd year in 2019 sold out within days of its first year’s success. When a 2nd week was added to accommodate requests, it too sold out quickly, and within these two groups were repeat riders that had just completed the ride.
A must-anticipated weekend “Pre-Trip” included Wyoming’s Devil’s Tower, Kevin Costner’s Tatanka Museum, a tour of Deadwood and the numerous museums and attractions Deadwood and Sturgis has to offer. After our time-honored “toast” at Wild Bill & Calamity Jane’s gravesite at Mount Moriah, the most obvious locale for our traditional “Meet & Greet” banquet was Saloon #10, coupled with a rousing “Wild Bill & Calamity Jane” Costume Contest.
Our 5-day ride took us to historic Fort Meade (which once housed the 7th Cavalry), picturesque Spearfish Canyon (where the final scenes of Dancing with Wolves was filmed), Mount Rushmore and the evenings lighting ceremony, Custer State Park where we had the opportunity to ride among the buffalo and the infamous Badlands.
During the “Pre-Trip” and week-long ride, our historians regaled us with the history of Paha Sapa, the Native Americans; the Sioux and Lakota, and the buffalo.

Deadwood and the Black Hills Ride

Buffalo Sighting!!

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