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Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride | Photos 2018

In 2018 we celebrated the 10th Anniversary of this 5-day historic ride. We allowed 50 riders + 10 non-riding spouses – a first for us. This headcount certainly exceeded our limitations for any of our rides, but so many people wanted to celebrate this anniversary with us that we acquiesced – this one time only.
For this anniversary, we flew in renowned historians Gary Roberts (the definitive historian on Doc Holliday) and Casey Tefertiller (the authority on Wyatt Earp). Coupled with Tombstone’s Official Historian, Don Taylor, our private walk-around tour of Tombstone and our evening discussions were exemplary.
As a special treat for our participants, we also flew in Hollywood actor Bruce Boxleitner (he played Wyatt Earp in the 1980’s in the film “I Married Wyatt Earp”) and Hollywood Executive Producer Rob Word (he produced the very successful “Wyatt Earp: Return to Tombstone” starring Hugh O’Brian). These two were a delight! They spent time with everyone, rode with us out to Cottonwood Springs and held an evening discussion about “everything” Hollywood.
The city of Tombstone also gave Marcie and me a formal Proclamation and Keys to the City in appreciation of our 10 years of offering this ride.
Parties, costume contests, gifts… it was all here for everyone! The success of this ride was phenomenal.

Of course, we have 1,000’s of photos from this celebration!  Let’s give you a strong sampling of this wonderful event.

These first images are from the professional services of Ravenna Old West ( http://ravennaoldwest.com/).  Jenna Miller’s and Craig Hensley’s are our professional photography team for the Vendetta Ride.  They work tirelessly with our clients/riders and non-riders to capture that quintessential image special for them.

(note: these are just thumbnail photos.  Check on each one to enlarge it)

Wyatt Earp's Vendettta Ride 2018

Opening Night Ceremonies

Wyatt Earp's Vendettta Ride 2018

Escaping Cottonwood Springs

Wyatt Earp's Vendettta Ride 2018

Hunting for Cow-boys

These next photos are taken from the 1,000’s of images collected from this major milestone event…

Wyatt Earp's Vendettta Ride 2018

at Johnny Ringo’s gravesite

Wyatt Earp's Vendettta Ride 2018

Murdered on the streets of Tombstone