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Historic Wild West Horseback Rides

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Don’t Wait to Book: Our Historic Wild West Horseback Rides can and will vary from year-to-year.  Too often people lament, too late, that they wanted to join a ride only to see it has been removed … usually to make room for new rides.  Go to the Testimonial page or the Gallery page to see all the past rides based on historical characters.

Over the years, our historic horseback rides and tours have centered around such memorable and illustrious Wild West characters such as:

  • General George Armstrong Custer’s “Ride to Glory” at the Little Bighorn, MT;
  • Jeremiah Johnson’s “Wilderness Ride” in Jackson Hole, WY;
  • Billy the Kid’s “Regulator Ride” in Lincoln, NM;
  • Butch Cassidy’s “Hole-in-the Wall Ride” outside of Kaycee, WY;
  • Quanah Parker’s “Comanche Moon Ride” in Palo Duro Canyon, TX;
  • Kit Carson’s “Wagon’s Ho! Ride” in Canyon de Chelly, AZ;
  • Jesse James’ “Great Train Robbery” in Durango & Silverton, CO;
  • “Ghost Town Ride” in South Pass, WY;
  • “Ride the Reel West” in Santa Fe, NM (a movie-making experience);
  • Wyatt Earp’s “Vendetta Ride” in Tombstone, AZ;
  • Wild Bill Hickok’s “Last Ride” in Deadwood & the Black Hills, SD;
  • John Wayne’s “Monument Valley” Ride in Monument Valley, AZ;
  • And we went international with our European ride in Sicily, “The Ride With No Name.” 

Rides change.  More changes are guaranteed as new rides materialize. If you see a ride on your “bucket list,” don’t wait too long to join the adventure.

Testimonial: “To be quite honest, after participating in five of your rides and planning on attending two next year, I no longer care what we do or where we go. It is such  a great escape for me each time I do any of your rides. They have become the tonic that keeps me going through the rest of the year and something to look forward to each year. To tell you the truth, Steve, these rides and getting to play cowboy like this has become a mecca for me. It is so great to spend a couple of weeks each year totally escaping from all the crap engulfing us each day, really. You and Marcie are doing a great thing and I’m certain that I am not the only one that feels this way about your rides.”
Bob Crabb, “Doc Crabb,” Sequin, Texas

Accepting Deposits for 2019!!

Wild Bill Hickok’s Last Ride

“Deadwood… It’s a Hell of a Place to Make Your Fortune”

Deadwood & The Black Hills, South Dakota

SOLD OUT  September 8 – 13, 2019  SOLD OUT

SOLD OUT   ~ September 15 – 20, 2018 ~  SOLD OUT

ADD YOUR NAME TO THE “WAIT LIST” via email for this very popular ride

$2,295.00 Per Person  | $500 Non-Refunded Deposit Required

Accepting Deposits for 2019!!

Wyatt Earp’s Vendetta Ride

“You Tell’em I’m Comin’ and Hell’s Comin’ with me!”

Join Wyatt Earp’s quest for retribution against the Cow-boys

~ The Most Historic Ride You Will Embark Upon ~
Tombstone, Arizona
October 13 – 18, 2019

$2,395.00 Per Person | $500 Non-Refunded Deposit Required
Click Here for More Info or Book This Ride

Accepting Deposits for 2019!!

John Wayne’s Monument Valley Ride

“Courage is Being Scared to Death but Saddling Up Anyway.”

John Wayne fan? Who isn’t? Ride into film history!
Monument Valley, Arizona / Utah
November 4 – 8, 2019

$2,295.00 Per Person | $500 Non-Refunded Deposit Required
Click Here for More Info or Book This Ride

Testimonial:  My questions to you today, are the same questions ole George Jones would ask if he were around today.


“Who’s gonna fill your shoes?”    “Who’s gonna stand that tall?”        

Contrary to what some may believe, not just anyone can do what you do.   Nor would they want to, because it involves serious preparation…..called  “WORK.”

Perhaps what you do is a “calling” or a “gift”.  Everyone understands that a “gift” can not be reproduced.

Your effort in organizing these Western ride vacations are much more than a “vacation”. They are history lessons and an opportunity to ride where our heroes created history…..good guy…..OR….bad guy……all of the “good or bad” being relative to our perception of right and wrong according to the era in which our heroes lived.

So the questions remain Steve…….. Who’s gonna ride where heroes died?  Who’s gonna tell history of legends past? 

Adrain Lane, aka “Bat McAlister,” Jacksonville, FL